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Retaining wall stone

Durable brick, block and stone work

Are you looking to upgrade your residential or commercial property with brickwork, blockwork, or stonework? Rely on us for quality work. From repairs to new construction projects, we do it all! We're backed by nearly 20 years of experience. You’ll appreciate our quality workmanship.

  • Brick veneers

  • Stone veneers

  • Block veneers

  • Block foundation work

  • Block retaining walls

Extensive masonry jobs

Stones and bricks add to the appearance and value of any place. Whether you want to enhance the look of your fire pit or kitchen area, you'll get quality work from us!


In addition to offering a variety of stonework and brickwork for your building, we can provide you with quality materials for landscaping projects. Speak to us today!

Top-grade building materials

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Q & Q Masonry LLC of Hanover, PA is committed to providing reliable and high-quality masonry work.