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Reliable chimney repair services

When your chimney is in order, your fireplace or stove will work efficiently, giving you plenty of heat and warmth. Get in touch with us to make sure your chimney is ready for winter.

  • Tearing down chimneys and repairing them

  • Rebuilding worn-out chimneys

  • Rebuilding old chimneys

  • Repairing masonry caps

  • Chimney crowns

  • Chimney flues

Comprehensive chimney services

When the mortar holding up your chimney brickwork begins to crumble, crack, or recede, it's important to have it repaired. Call Q & Q Masonry LLC of Hanover, PA today.


You need professionals with the right tools and materials to ensure that your chimney lasts a long time. You can also hire us for quality stone work and much more!

Don't let your chimney crumble

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